Friday, 29 September 2017

Four selves

I find 4 levels of self. The first is a body. The body is alive and changes and heals by itself. The second is the deep and unconscious beliefs that manifest themselves only when they are abused, then you feel emotions. These beliefs can be so deep and emotions can be so strong that the willpower and the mind has no ability to deal with it. It is like a second body without physical representation living by itself, changing and healing in similar ways. The third is the mind – the thoughts that come to you allowing you consciously perceive yourself and the world. You call it “my mind” which means that you do not completely associate yourself (your I) with it. Indeed, you have quite limited control on the thoughts that come to you. Even conscious decisions are based on some internal logic, arguments, or emotions. The fourth self is the I. It is free of pain, free of emotions, free of thoughts. This one that you cannot call “my I”.

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