Saturday, 18 May 2013

Java and C++

Regardless how much I enjoyed programming in Java I have to admit that

For a disciplined programmer Java is worse than C++ in all possible respects. 

That is not a mere assertion. I came to this conclusion after fair amount of programming in Java which I actually enjoyed. The underline is that Java represents a narrow stylistic paradigm which is just a specific style among many possible in C++. In all language constructions comparing to C++ Java limits the expressiveness to different levels without any semantic advantages.

A humorous analogy with a natural language would be: F is a rude word letter in English; let us remove all the words from English starting with the letter F, then adjust the grammar a little bit to compensate for the introduced deficiency, and then you have a new wonderful language English-a-la-Java, in which the kids cannot swear.

Repetition in programming

Intelligence is never a repetition. In programming, repetition is the method not of ours.

Math love ladder

The love ladder of mathematics

1. I love math because it helps solve practical problems.

2. I love math because it is beautiful and I don’t care if it solves practical problems.

3. I love math because it is beautiful, I don’t care if it solves practical problems, but the evolution caused us to like beauty so eventually it is practical.

4. I love math because its beauty is in the beauty of our comprehension of the Universe and I do not care what the meaning of life is.

5. I don’t care!