Monday, 1 May 2017

We express our thoughts we do not understand with the words we do not understand, that are defined by some other words we do not understand too. The magic is that somehow we are able to communicate.

What is right for them

What is right for them
... is what is wrong for you
What you hate in them
... is what you want in you
You look into your own eyes
... and see deep pitch-black
There's no evil allure
... unknown and mysterious
You cannot be sure
... to dive in the dark
... you're bloody serious
There you find the outer world
... with no harmony
... as if you knew
See the angels in you
... with no wings
... you stop and watch them
... doing their dirty things
Don't be scared
... it's just a mirror
It's there to crush you
... with your own reflection
Though they are too far
... but you are near
Looking desperately
... for your leaded perfection
At the end you could see your fate
... you are weak and disarranged
But now it's too late
... you are not different
... you have just been changed
What is right for them
... you won't care
Maybe not today, not now
... as the years fly by
... be aware
There's a moment for that
... before you die