Thursday, 17 April 2014

Chaitin Paradox

A known Chaitin's quote (*) can be succinctly expressed in a short phrase:

       Understanding is programming

According to this statement, this very statement cannot be understood before we can program concepts: understanding and programming. If we were able to program these concepts, then it would be a discovery of true AGI. Hence the paradox is in the fact that its solution is not achievable before Technological Singularity.

(*) ... you understand something only if you can program it. (You, not someone else!) Otherwise you don't really understand it, you only think you understand it.          [emphasis in the original]
                    Gregory Chaitin

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Defective mind

It is really difficult to see your own mental deficiencies because our brain is very good at making things up to look self-consistent.  To find out those one has to set his mind to scientific infinite cycle of hypothesising, theorising, and experimenting. But even starting with a hypothesis is hard. Look for clues of inconsistency of your behaviour, beliefs and conclusions.