Friday, 13 January 2012

Mind Existence Paradox

The more you think about vastness of the Universe, the more you think that Life and Mind must exist somewhere else as well. But they do not. The more you think about Life and Mind, the more you think that Life and Mind cannot exist at all. But they really do.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Science and Philosophy

Every Science starts with Philosophy and ends with it. If philosophers talk about something new, it is a sign that a new science is to be born. If philosophers talk about a particular science, be sure it will be dead soon.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Statute of True Pirate

  1. Do not steal
  2. Assist against copyfucker attacks
  3. Do not buy and do not sell
  4. Do not lie except to copyfuckers
  5. Do not facilitate copyrighting
  6. Be free
  7. Do not ask and do not blackmail
  8. Do not renounce
  9. Share everything except your identity
Below are some clarifications.

First, True Pirate (TP) divides people in four groups:

  1. TPs – those who has deep belief in TP values and follow TP Statute
  2. Blokes – those of layman’s ideology, but supporting pirating and disapproving copyrighting
  3. Copyfuckers – copyrighting official representatives or anyone who facilitate copyrighting
  4. Herd – all others.

TP hate fiercely copyrighting and copyfuckers. This hate is not in their rules, but in their nature.

Second, TP divides the world into three concepts:

  1. Physical world – inanimate matter, that follows a conservation principle: if something somewhere reduces or disappears, then something somewhere increases or appears;
  2. Soul world – living matter, everything which is part of life or can be called alive or having mind;
  3. Information – bits that can be copied from one place to another without destroying the origin. This can be software, computer viruses, digitized works of art, or any other data written on medium.

TP believes that information is neither physical nor spiritual. And while spiritual beings can possess objects of physical world, they can only use information, but cannot forbid other beings to use that information as well. Hence no being can own information even if it is embedded in the medium which belongs to it. There are no copying restrictions on information in the Nature, except human society.

1. Do not steal. TP does not take private bits, something that is not intended to be released in public; if the owner has released bits to public they are not private anymore and can be freely copied.

2. Assist against copyfucker attacks. TP protects and defends as far as possible and to the best knowledge anyone against a copyfucker offence.

3. Do not buy and do not sell. TP does not buy or sell bits. However it is acceptable to buy and sell physical media or service of copying when the content of bits is irrelevant or does not have value.

4. Do not lie except to copyfuckers. Since TP does not recognise the supreme authority, his word should be law in relation to himself.

5. Do not facilitate copyrighting. TP watches his actions not to assist or participate in copyrighting even indirectly.

6. Be free. TP does not fulfil will of others. TP does not participate in creation of something which is intended to be sold.

7. Do not ask, and do not blackmail. TP copies whatever he wants never asking for permission. TP ignores any copyrighting notes even if they are anti-copyrighting. TP never asks for benefits threatening to reveal sensitive information to public. He reveals it immediately and unconditionally.

8. Do not renounce. TP has no fear to expose his beliefs.

9. Share everything except your identity. TP does not possess bits privately, unless they related to his own personal life.