Sunday, 24 April 2016

Scientific method

Is it possible to prove scientifically that the scientific method is the right method to pursue science?

Friday, 8 April 2016

Principle of supergoodness fragility

The idea that goodness is fragile is known. The principle says: for something to be good every part of it has to be good. If just one part is bad, then the whole thing is bad. Badness is not the opposite: for something to be bad not all parts have to be bad.

This principle can be extended to fragility of supergoodness, which is the quality when all parts are in agreement with each other. While a good thing stops being good when at least one of its parts is changed to bad, a supergood thing stops being good when any of its parts changes, just changes, not necessarily to bad.

A computer, for example, with its parts is a good thing, because if you fry CPU it becomes bad, but if you replace it with a better model, it remains good. A document signed with a digital signature, on the other hand, is a supergood thing, because any change invalidates the signature. A good art or poetry is just good, but a masterpiece is supergood - nothing can be changed to make it better.