Monday, 15 September 2008

Precise theory for Artificial Intelligence

Every research area has its own language. But there is a distinction between precise and non-precise theories describing the areas of interest. In physics, for example, the language is mathematical formulas. And this is a precise formal language; because formulae help, in general, to solve physical problems even if people applying the formulae have different interpretation of them. We can argue on the definition of Time and Enegry. But when it comes to the formula with E and t, everyone will get the same result regardless of personal (internal) understanding of these concepts.

Completely different situation is with Artificial Intelligence research area. Here are concepts of information, memory, awareness giving completely different philosophical theories depending on how the concepts are being understood. There is so big variety of opinions that it is difficult to call this area of research scientific. Nevertheless some groups of people sharing the same beliefs are able to communicate and even to make some progress in ideas. But with no practical results. Obviously now the understanding of the problem in question is different than ten years ago. Hopefully a simple model can be built in some near future, just to give the common basis for terminology used in this field.

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