Wednesday, 17 April 2019

A wise man does not become wise by living a wise life.
Every moment in life has to be a balance between happiness and changing yourself. Hence unhappiness is allowed in your life only up to the level of your attempts to change yourself.
Science is like sex. There are scientists who do unprotected sex producing babies (discoveries). There are scientists who do protected sex and almost do not produce anything except art. And there are scientists who masturbate to porn magazines (scientific journals) trying to produce more porn for their masturbation. Sciolism.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Eternal dissatisfaction

The best thing that can happen to you is to realize that you are not satisfied with the World. This dissatisfaction can put you into doing things. Because if you are in harmony, there is no question to change neither the World nor You. If you find that the World behaves not in a way as you expected, ask yourself: am I smart enough to use it to my own advantage?
Why people constantly talk about things they do not understand?

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Physical reality is merely a mysterious point of contact of different universes.

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Security of the system is only as strong as its greatest incentive challenging to break it

Friday, 29 September 2017

Juice of life

I want my day-to-day life to boil down to activities increasing four elements: strength, willpower, enjoyment of life, and happiness. These four concepts are of two dimensions: mental-physical and induction-acceptance. So
       physical + induction = strength
       mental + induction = willpower
       physical + acceptance = enjoyment of life
       mental + acceptance = happiness
Question any activity that does not contribute or contribute too little to one of the above qualities. Squeeze your life out of the time! As for practical matters, I start with doing at least one exercise a day for each category. Strength: physical exercises up to suffering. Willpower: doing a non-urgent unpleasant task or having resisted a strong temptation. Enjoyment of life: have a pleasant treat. Happiness: damn!

Four selves

I find 4 levels of self. The first is a body. The body is alive and changes and heals by itself. The second is the deep and unconscious beliefs that manifest themselves only when they are abused, then you feel emotions. These beliefs can be so deep and emotions can be so strong that the willpower and the mind has no ability to deal with it. It is like a second body without physical representation living by itself, changing and healing in similar ways. The third is the mind – the thoughts that come to you allowing you consciously perceive yourself and the world. You call it “my mind” which means that you do not completely associate yourself (your I) with it. Indeed, you have quite limited control on the thoughts that come to you. Even conscious decisions are based on some internal logic, arguments, or emotions. The fourth self is the I. It is free of pain, free of emotions, free of thoughts. This one that you cannot call “my I”.

You vs your mind

Your mind is more powerful and is more clever than you. The problem of changing yourself is to persuade your mind and to make it believe. This is very difficult because it controls you, not otherwise.


Out of all intellectual enjoyments, music is the easiest that allows to achieve culmination.